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    Boost Your Confidence with These 11 Exotic Dance Outfits

    Exotic Dance Outfits

    In all my years of dance, I’ve learned a few lessons about maintaining your confidence. It’s not just about your attitude, it’s about your wardrobe as well. 

    Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you: as you’re reaching forward to apply a bit of last-minute mascara before your set, the strap of your dancewear outfit snaps suddenly. It’s two minutes until you’re slotted to perform and your heart drops into your stomach. What will you do now?

    A wardrobe malfunction this close to your shift is not helpful to your hustle or to your self-image, which you just spent an hour in the mirror perfecting. And it’s not fair to all of the hard work you’ve put in, training and learning make-up techniques and new moves. I know I’m not the only one who has spent hours in Youtube make-up tutorials learning the art of applying performance make-up. 

    It doesn’t matter how much work you’ve put in when something like this happens. How on earth can a girl be confident if her dancewear cannot keep up with her?

    That’s why it’s so vitally important to find good-quality dancewear to perform in. 

    Let me tell you all a story about the time when I bought low-quality dancewear--you’ll want to learn from my mistakes if you haven’t learned from your own already!

    I remember it so vividly, the very first performance outfit I ever bought--the pattern was out there and wildly psychedelic, bright orange mandalas swirling across my breasts and torso. I felt incredibly sexy in it, especially when paired with my favorite pair of platform heels and crazy electric-blue eyeshadow. I was definitely channeling my inner dancer goddess with that outfit.

    I spent my hard-earned cash on that alluring outfit, so proud of my very first costume to help me to enhance my command of the crowd. I guess I didn’t do enough research beforehand, but it came quickly enough in the mail, only three days later. It fit perfectly, showing off all of my womanly curves.

    It was a match made in heaven, or so I thought. 

    The day of the performance, I stood in the dressing room pulling on my beautiful ensemble, ready to feel like the powerful goddess I am when I dance. The fabric strained a little too hard over my breasts and snap, the shoulder strap broke in two pieces. The outfit fell to the ground in a heap, along with my confidence and self-esteem.

    For a moment I wanted to scream and shout and punch things. I had a million butterflies swirling and jangling around in my belly already--this just sent me into a panicked state near hyperventilation. I put my head in my hands, trying to fight back tears. How could this have happened?

    Luckily for me one of the other dancers, Kelly, noticed my dilemma. She crossed the room to sit down next to me, her elegant long legs crossed over one another. I couldn’t help but notice how perfect her outfit was, a shocking indigo monokini that shone iridescent in the glare of the dressing room lights. She practically dripped confidence from the tips of her platforms to the top of her high blond ponytail. I wanted so badly to be like her in that moment, shining with an inner aura.

    “Where did you get your costume?” she asked me kindly. I could tell by her tone she was trying to be gentle with me.

    I admitted I’d ordered it off of the Internet, some website I’d never heard of. It probably came from China. But the price was so great and it came quicker than I expected! I hadn’t been able to pass it up, especially knowing I had a gig booked already. By the time I finished my explanation, I really was crying. I wiped away the mascara carefully from my eyes, glancing into the mirror to make sure I hadn’t messed up all of my make-up.  

    She sighed. “Oh no, honey,” she said. I could tell from the saddened yet cynical look on her face that she was about to impart a bit of her famous Dancer Wisdom on me.

    She gestured to her own outfit, sparkling blue and purple beneath the lights of the vanity. She was the same height as me, but she even seemed to sit higher than I did, oozing self-assurance. “You can find good deals on dancewear that isn’t going to break on you like that.” She made a dissatisfied noise, blowing air out of her nose. “Imagine how embarrassed you’d be if it happened on stage? I’ll help you for next time. My exotic dancewear was handmade right here in Las Vegas.”

    Shortly after her pep talk, Kelly strode gracefully from the dressing room to get on stage, throwing one last forlorn look my way before she left. Her advice echoed loudly in my mind. I’d be more careful next time I was shopping for dancewear, that was for sure.

    I managed to safety-pin the broken strap of my outfit back into place, but my flow was gone. Every moment of sweat and passion and intensity that I’d poured into my routine, every hard-won trick I’d repeated over and over until it felt as natural as breathing, dissipated with the snap of that strap. It wasn’t fair that something so minor could have such a huge impact on me.

    The performance went better than I expected, given the circumstances. I still was able to perform my routine but I also flubbed the hardest trick and almost fell hard on my butt. I will blame that totally on my outfit, if only because I practiced that move about four hundred times before gig day and I should’ve been able to get it. Kelly’s advice rang in my ears like a prophecy.

    She was right, of course. It all came down to this: my wardrobe malfunction effectively murdered my confidence.

    You don’t deserve that. Not you, who is working so hard every single moment to create the powerful, driven life you’ve always wanted. You train hard day in and day out, perfecting your craft despite the strains of adult life. You spend hours researching new moves, watching Youtube make-up tutorials, trying out new hairstyles, and desperately searching for a comfortable pair of platforms to perform in. 

    After all that intense labor, you deserve better than dancewear that can’t keep up with your sparkle.

    Think about it: it’s the greatest feeling in the world--your costume sparkling and glittering, clinging to you like a second skin and glinting iridescent colors in the light. The outfit moves along with you in that flow state of dance. And isn’t it wonderful how the fabric sparkles like rainbows?

    It’s easy to be your best self when your outfit exudes confidence. You stand taller and more powerfully, an aura of self-assured energy surrounding you. Every move comes out perfectly precise, every hair-whip and spin. Your mischievous grins at the audience pull more tips from their pockets.

    If I can give you any advice, it would be this: learn from my mistakes. Don’t let the Confidence Monster eradicate your shine, and especially don’t let your crappy-quality dancewear ruin your routine. You worked too hard for that.

    Since I know how hard it can be to find dancewear that is high-quality enough to keep up with your amazing moves, I’ve compiled a list of the best outfits to enhance your shine, boost your confidence, and most importantly, to keep you dancing at your very best. It’s so important to be able to find dancewear that can keep up with your flexibility and strength, so I hope this list will be helpful to you.

    And if you like wild patterns, there’s a million different prints to choose from in all of these cuts. I’m sure you’ll be able to find one to fit your own personal style and to make you stand out on-stage. 

    1. Enchanting Women's High Cut Deep V Monokini Thong One Piece in Wild Animal Foil Print 

    Monokinis have been on my radar for quite a long time--in fact, that first performance outfit I bought was a deep V monokini much like this one, so I have a soft spot for them. The cut shows off the bod you’ve worked so hard on, inviting those eager eyes of the audience to your form, while still allowing freedom of movement to demonstrate those skills. It’s the best of both worlds!

    The Wild Animal Foil shines and sparkles beautiful colors in the stage lights, shaping itself to your every curve. The high-cut sides and cheeky back will give the audience a glimpse of what's to come in your performance.

    Whether you’re strutting down the catwalk or showing off your flexibility and strength around the pole, this outfit will only serve to enhance your confidence and help you perform at your highest level. This exotic dancewear, much like Kelly’s ensemble, was handmade right here in Las Vegas, not some factory in another country. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, even the dancewear. 

    The best part about this outfit, in my opinion, is how easy it is to wash. No more trips to the dry cleaners--just hand wash and hang to dry and you’re ready to go to your next performance.

    1. Invitation Women's Low Rise G-String Tie Bikini Set in Pebbles Foil Print

    Are you ready to wow the crowd in this g-string? For those of us that want to show off the most skin possible before we take it all off, g-strings take the sexy cake. And the colors on the Pebble Foil print will glow iridescent into the stage lights, reflecting and sparkling like snakeskin around your thighs and booty. 

    This one is great to wear if your routine has quite a bit of twerking in it--the whole outfit just moves with you like a second skin. This one will definitely amp up your confidence and allow your to perform at your very best.

    1. Mini Hanky Panky Women's Mini Cheeky Scrunch String Tie Bikini Set in Vision Foil Print Sangria Trim

    This style is called “Hanky Panky” for a reason-it’ll put that horndog idea into the minds of the audience as they watch you strut your stuff and show your skills onstage. Whether you’re whirling around that pole or performing your specialty lap dances, this bikini set will mold to your form and allow you to perform at your highest tier. 

    Best of all, this print has the power to shine and sparkle so prettily, it’ll blind the crowd with your own intense beauty and talent and make you that much more confident. This is definitely one of my favorite outfits to wear when I want to shine at my brightest. 

    1. Mini Hanky Panky Women's Mini Cheeky Scrunch String Tie Bikini Set in Bullseye Coral Print Platinum Trim

    This is perhaps my favorite print at the moment, the Bullseye Coral. The pink tones in it really sparkle and shine, enhancing the glow that already surrounds you when you dance, and the swirls reflect the stage lights to make you pop on stage. The strings make it easy to put on and take off, plus you’ll show more than a good amount of cheek to entice your audience! The platinum trim on this bikini set will enhance that natural sparkle and shine to your personality, as well as giving a little bit more spunk and fire to your moves.

    1. Sling Angel Women's Slingshot G-String Thong Teddy in Sheer Black Passion Foil Lace Black Trim

    If you want to come out on stage oozing confidence, this is your outfit. This one reminds me a bit of the dancewear that Kelly wore that fateful night, but with an amazingly sparkly lace that just makes it even better! She rocked her routine so hard and inspired the rest of us girls to amp up our own game.

    No doubt about it, wearing a slingshot is a surefire way to get all eyes on you and make them stay on you! Especially in a beautiful fabric such as the Passion Foil Lace.

    1. Perky Women's Cheeky Tanga Thong High Rise Bikini Set in Bullseye Coral Print Platinum Trim

    Do you like showing a little cheek? If so, this bikini set is for you! Again in the incredibly gorgeous Bullseye Coral print, this set will have the audience hooting and hollering and throwing benjamins on-stage in delight. Anytime you wear a thong on stage, it’s hard not to feel confident in your body and all the work you’ve done on it, but this fabric will make you pop even harder. 

    1. Slingathon Women's Strappy G-String Thong Slingshot in Sheer Splattered Lime Mesh Lime Trim

    I love the slingshot style so much--it makes me feel like my sexiest self! The colors of the trim on this one are loud and vibrant, sure to attract all the eyes in the room and all of the tips to go along with it. Lime green trim is always sure to get more eyes on you, but it’s really the style of this strappy outfit that will keep them on you. 

    Show off that body you’ve honed with hours in the gym and in dance classes! You should be proud of it. And more importantly, you should be confident in what you’re wearing on-stage, and this one is sure to give your more fire and passion.

    1. Sexy Thang Women's Cheeky Tanga Thong Double Strap Bikini Set in Silver Iridescent

    There’s a reason this style is called “Sexy Thang”--because it made for a sexy thang just like you!

    The colors on this one pop like rainbows. Iridescent anything is always my favorite, but something about the silver reminds me of moonlight shining on your skin. You know that feeling of being out in nature with the Milky Way stretching above, that nightlight ball in the sky just shimmering its liquidy silvery light all over you? You’ll bring that energy on-stage and become a moonlit dancer, controlling the tides of the crowd with your amazing movements.

    Bring that enticing feminine energy to your dances and you’ll be sure to sparkle underneath the lights, both literally and figuratively.

    1. Hanky Panky Women's Cheeky Scrunch String Tie Bikini Set in Sheer Black Passion Foil Lace Sangria Trim

    The sides on this one are easy to tie and easy to breakaway--perfect for your performances! Best of all, it offers medium coverage so that you choose when you want to show that skin. No more nip slips that rouse the crowd too early, this set will stay in place all night until you rip it off. And I just love the tie around the waist, because it’ll show off that amazing belly you’ve done so many ab workouts for!

    The Passion Foil lace also serves to enhance your sparkle and shine--this is one of my very favorite exotic dance outfits just for that reason! 

    1. Sling Angel Women's Slingshot G-String Thong Teddy in Sheer Black Passion Foil Lace Sangria Trim

    This teddy will rock your world. I think lace is just the sexiest fabric of all time--there’s nothing more classically alluring and inviting than a lace teddy, let’s be real. It’s iconic; in any movie that has a lingerie scene, a lace teddy is always the first choice for the wardrobe, enhancing the long legs and smooth skin of the actresses. My favorite scene is from Charlize Theron’s breakout role in 2 Days in the Valley--she wears a white lace teddy and garters that highlight her beautiful body. I always looked up to those women on-screen, wanting to feel that sexy myself. 

    The first time I tried a lace teddy on, I was in college. My friends and I went into a local lingerie shop and tried on our dream lingerie; a black lace teddy was my personal choice. I wished I could’ve bought it--the cut was so flattering--but alas I had to wait until my dance career picked up to buy my first one.

    If you want to feel like your sexiest, most confident self, this thong will definitely amp up that energy. In combination with the lace teddy, you’ll be alluring and irresistible to the crowd!

    1. Sling Bling Women's Rhinestone Suspender G-String Thong Slingshot Bikini Set in Silver Liquify

    Saved the best for last! This one will have the crowd going absolutely bonkers, especially the way the fabric reflects off your body in the house lights. This one has “Rhinestone” in the name for a reason, ladies--don’t you want to sparkle like you’re made of diamonds?

    I love the combination of the bikini top with the slingshot over it--it is a match totally made in heaven and super creative to boot. A friend of mine had a similar outfit that she wore whenever she felt her most confident, and wow, were her moves incredible! I hope that energy inspires you to go out on stage and show off your strength!


    Boy do I wish that I had known Kelly’s advice before I ordered that horrible outfit for my first performance. I was terrified on-stage and off, but I definitely learned my lesson from that whole experience: never cheap out on low-quality performance outfits.

    Since then, I’ve only had one or two other wardrobe malfunctions, and those times were only because I’d worn my dancewear into the ground. Thankfully I was prepared with a second outfit both of those times, as I’d learned from the disaster that was my first performance. 

    I’m incredibly grateful that the Confidence Monster won’t get me ever again, and I hope it’ll never get you!

    No matter what style, pattern, or particular exotic dance outfits you choose to enhance your performances, I sincerely wish you the best when it comes to wardrobe malfunctions. Choose high-quality exotic dancewear made here in Las Vegas, and you’ll have a much more luck on-stage and off.

    Stay your most confident, powerful self, and go kick some ass! All that hard work will pay off and best of all, you’ll be looking sexy af strutting your stuff on-stage and off. 

    Confidence doesn’t just happen when you’re performing. It should be a part of every aspect of your life--including your dancewear.

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