Best Exotic Dancewear Outfits For Las Vegas Performers

Are you looking for exotic dancewear for your next work (and play) trip to Las Vegas? Or do you live in Vegas already and want to step up your game? I’ve compiled a list of the BEST exotic dancewear for your next performance below.

I absolutely love Las Vegas. The classic skyline always stands out in my mind: the gleaming pink halo of the Observation Wheel, the Eiffel Tower twinkling like a thousand vertical stars, the white spines of Bally’s and the Flamingo cutting the sky in half, the red glare of the Caesar’s Palace sign--it’s the brightest, most colorful city I’ve ever visited.

My favorite part, hands down, is the performers. Whether you’re shaking your stuff in a go-go cage or showing off your strength and flexibility around the pole, there’s always something new and exciting to see, a new performer coming into town to learn from, and a new audience to impress every single night.

Vegas brings amazingly talented performers from all around the world, so it’s no wonder that’s where many of us make our homes.

The first time I went to Vegas actually changed my life forever. If you want to hear the story, read on, but if you want to get to the list of exotic dancewear outfits immediately and find yourself a bangin’ outfit, just scroll down a bit to look at the selection of gorgeous dancewear for men and women!


My First Experience in Vegas

I was just a kid, probably ten or so, and it was not my idea of a great vacation. But my dad had a penchant for blackjack. He was rather good at it too--our middle-class family was comped a high-roller suite for a few days stay at The Mirage.

I remember driving in from the airport in a sleek black hired car the hotel had sent, staring out of the window at the array of beautiful lights before me as we came down the Strip. This was back when Siegfried and Roy were still in their residency there, before that horrible accident. The white Bengal tigers lounged in a glass-fronted enclosure just outside the entrance to the hotel. I stared in awe at those tigers as a bellhop gathered our luggage, letting my breath fog up the glass.

The thing that struck me the most during that first trip wasn’t any of the roller coasters or arcade games or any of the fun kid stuff like that: it was the performers. It was watching the hotel band for hours, wondering what it would be like to be on stage, daydreaming about my future life as a performer. 

The absolute best part of that trip, however, was seeing Cirque Du Soleil onstage for the first time--a show called Allegria. (This was so long ago that my family had a TAPE of the soundtrack we listened to in the car.)

It was a circus-themed show, so the dancers wore white face-paint like clowns and performed acrobatics above our heads. The stage lights dazzled my eyes.

It was my first time seeing performers in the wild and I was captivated.

My favorite part of the whole show as the outfits that the performers wore. It was like they were form-fitted to their bodies, wearing those clothes like a second skin. I loved watching their dance moves and their acrobatic skills, but those amazing costumes were really what drew me in. I wanted to dress up in a beautiful costume and fly around the stage!

That trip started a passion that has never escaped me. And it would be reinforced again, over a decade later.


My Second Trip: Full of Amazing Exotic Dancers!

I traveled to Vegas again in 2016, over a decade after my first nostalgia-tinted trip. This time it was completely spontaneous: I was on a cross-country road trip with one of my best friends and we decided at the last minute to take a detour when I saw the sign for “LAS VEGAS” on the highway.

It was a beautiful drive in: Vegas is surrounded by beige, scrubby mountains, but sits on a flat piece of land smack in the middle. The buildings stand out in that flat plain, an array of color and light on the otherwise lifeless desert.

The Strip had changed quite a bit--now the lights were so bright they almost hurt my eyes, but the displays were clear as crystal and more beautiful than any others I’d ever seen. Performers danced and twirled on those screens above me, grinning diamond-bright.

Vegas was better now that I was an adult. Time to enjoy what I had always admired from afar as a kid.

I went to a concert at the Brooklyn Bowl and spent the whole night dancing. I performed gymnastics on the Strip in front of Caesar’s Palace and made a few dollars--performed with my hotel band go-going and made even more. It was a dream come true, to finally be one of those chosen few to entertain in the greatest city in the world.

But hands-down, the best thing about Vegas as an adult is the exotic dance clubs.


Why Las Vegas Exotic Dancewear is The Best

Those girls and guys with banging bods strutting their stuff on the pole, whirling around like acrobats to the beat of the song, twerking and giving the best lap dances in the world--I really was in heaven. I enjoyed that there was an equal amount of male to female exotic dancers in the city. While I love seeing the amazing moves of pole dancers, sometimes you just have to sit down with your ladies and watch the men shake their stuff.

One moment sticks out in my mind. My best friend, Lacey, has been dancing for over a decade. She loves pole and even teaches her own classes at my local pole studio--she’s taught me just about everything I know. After a rowdy night buying drinks for the dancers and trading stories, Lacey was invited up on stage to show off some of her moves.

She wowed the growing crowd with her suspension walk and her incredible oversplits, but it was really her outfit that was the star of the show. She’d borrowed it from one of the other dancers for her turn on stage, as a club dress wasn’t the best idea, and when she finished her routine she confided in me, “I don’t want to take this off. It’s like a second skin.”

The outfit belonged to a dancer named Tia, a long-legged woman who wore an iridescent silvery slingshot. She grinned widely at the comment. “This is absolutely my favorite exotic dancewear. It’s not too pricey either! It was handmade here in Vegas, so you know they kept us in mind when making it.”

Lacey posed boastfully, her pale skin like cream next to the dark rainbow lace that adorned it. I snapped some pictures of her with my cell phone, memorializing the night on social media. “I want one of these for every day of the week!” she gushed.

I had to admit: she looked like a goddess. The monokini dipped in a deep-v between her breasts, showing off her toned abs and obliques from hours on the pole. Paired with a pair of black platform heels to enhance her naturally long legs, she really was shining bright.

I wanted one of those outfits for every day of the week, too.

I was blown away by the best dancers in business that night. But even more, I was blown away by their amazing style.


Why You Need An Amazing Exotic Dancewear for Your Next Vegas Performance

There is no doubt that Vegas is a city that invites fun, sexiness, and a little bit of rowdy times into everyone’s lives. People are there from all walks of life, usually celebrating an upcoming wedding or special event.

Whether you live in Vegas or are just flying out for a quick work and play trip, I have searched high and low and found the seven best exotic dancewear outfits for Las Vegas performances--outfits that will match that same flavor as the Vegas strip: loud, bright, and a little bit rowdy! And best of all, these outfits are handmade and high-quality enough to keep up with your awesome moves for many nights to come.

And even if you’re not going to Sin City anytime soon, any of these amazing outfits will definitely bring the flavor and spice of Vegas to your local club while molding to you like a second skin.



1. Sexy Thang Bling Women's Rhinestone Cheeky Tanga Thong Double Strap Bikini Set in Black Jewels

Wanna stay classy while still looking sexy as hell?

This outfit can work both as a bikini or as exotic dancewear--so whether you’re relaxing on a lounge chair by the amazing pool at the Waldorf or making your cash whirling around the pole at one of those beautiful clubs on the Strip, this ensemble is perfect for you!

The rhinestones sit at just the right places to highlight your banging bod, allowing you to sparkle and shine at your very brightest. This high-quality bikini set was made right here in Vegas, so you know it was made with you in mind.

2. Sling Bling Women's Rhinestone Suspender G-String Thong Slingshot Bikini Set in Silver Liquify

This outfit reminds me of Tia’s outfit that wonderful night in Vegas--the silvery iridescence of the Silver Liquify fabric sparkles and shines like a diamond in those stage lights. Lacey may have been an expert pole dancer, but Tia really showed off why she lives and works in the performance capital of the world: she is a world-class performer!

The way the suspenders highlight the curves of your belly and thighs is to die-for, and not to mention this handmade set is super high-quality to boot.

3. Dazzle Me Women's Rhinestone Brazilian Mini Cheeky Low Rise Scrunch String Tie Bikini Set in Lilac Jewels

The color on this bikini set is my absolute favorite--you will shine like a lilac star under the stage lights in this one, drawing all eyes to your amazing figure. Just like the Bling Bikini mentioned in number one, this one is suitable for a day at the Waldorf’s pool or a night practicing your splits on the pole. No matter whether you’re intending to work or to play, this set will have you feeling at your absolute sexiest and highlight your best assets.

My favorite part about this one is the cut. Brazilian cut bikini bottoms have been all the rage recently, whether you’re at the beach or just trying to capture your best angles on stage. It’s amazing to perform in an outfit that you know you look absolutely bangin’ in, that was crafted just for your needs as a dancer, and that is high-quality enough to keep up with you all night long.

4. Jewelicious Women's Rhinestone Cheeky Halter High Cut Thong Bikini Set in Gold Jewels

I love the high cut on the thong on this one: such a great way to show off that booty! The color on this will also highlight your skin tone really well, making you gleam like gold in the stage lights. I love the rhinestone jewels that sit just between the breasts and at the hinge of the hips on this one--it really does allow you to perform your best and feel your best.

5. Enchanting Women's High Cut Deep V Monokini Thong One Piece in Sheer Ivory Passion Foil Lace Iridescent Trim

I absolutely love monokinis--this one reminds a bit of the lace one that my friend Lacey wore that night she performed in Vegas at her very best. I can’t help but remember her suspension walk and its effect on the crowd. They went absolutely wild, throwing hundreds her way and ordering her round after round of drinks. Don’t you want to bring that energy to your own dances?

The best part about this outfit is definitely the Passion Foil lace. It’s so gorgeous and puts me in the mind of classic lingerie. There’s something just so sexy about lace!

6. Zero Hour Women's Micro Mini Low Rise G-String Tie Bikini Set in Sheer Black Passion Foil Lace Sangria Trim

As I mentioned with the last outfit, the Passion Foil lace is probably one of my very favorite fabrics, especially in this set with that absolutely beautiful trim. The low-rise of this g-string will keep in place all night until you decide to take it off, wowing the crowds with your agility and flexibility. I love anything low-rise, but this particular piece is sexy as hell and sure to keep all of the audience’s attention and focus on you.

7. Slingathon Women's Strappy G-String Thong Slingshot in Sheer Splattered Lime Mesh Lime Trim

This one is sure to catch the eyes of the audience and the shine of the stage lights with that beautiful lime trim. Another great, high-quality slingshot to enhance your aura and flow on-stage and off. I think slingshots really do show off our dancer bodies in the best way possible, bringing the eyes to all of the right curves and edges as you whirl around on stage, and this one will stay in place all night long!


And now, a list for all of our talented male dancers! I apologize for not including you in my last post, but I crafted a list of amazing, high-quality exotic dance outfits for all you sexy, jacked men out there who want to look your best and wow the crowd with your amazing moves this time around! These outfits will be sure to please all of the bachelorette parties that come through your club for many nights to come. 

1. The Legend Men's Low Rise Thong in Sparkly Purple

Want to show off your powerful, strong legs while still looking like a god onstage? The Legend’s thong has a great fit to highlight those glutes you worked so hard for and to stay in place during your most incredible gyrations, allowing you to look your sexiest for the audience and earn those great tips all night long.

This high-quality fabric won’t tear or break on you at the most pivotal moments, and you can trust that the shine of this thong is sure to have all of the audience’s eyes exactly where you want them.

2. The Outlaw Men's Low Rise G-String Thong in Silver Iridescent

This one is sure to get the attention of the crowd! I’m a fan of all things iridescent, so this fabric would definitely get my attention from across the room--and keep it!

No matter whether you’re performing for a crowd or doing a private lap dance for great tips, this low-rise will definitely enhance your hustle.

3. The Legend Men's Low Rise Thong in Tidal Pink Turquoise Metallic Print with Turquoise Trim

I absolutely love this fabric and this trim--this thong reminds me quite a bit of some of the outfits that the amazing male dancers wore on that second trip to Vegas, who were some of the most handsome, fit men I had ever seen in my life.

My favorite part about the male dancers is how they have group choreographed routines, and that night a handful of handsome, ripped men danced for us in thongs very similar to this one. I had never seen a group of talented, world-class performers look so sexy before. I hope you bring that energy to your next performance!

4. The Outlaw Men's Low Rise G-String Thong in Bullseye Coral Print with Platinum Trim

The Bullseye Coral Print shines and glimmers in the stage lights, captivating your audience and keeping their attention on you and your amazing dance moves. This is my favorite print on men’s and women’s dancewear--the way it reflects the light is just so energizing and captivating. This outfit will have you performing at your very best.

5. The Legend Men's Low Rise Thong in Silver Sheen

You’re going to want to order this one right now! Another outfit that will shine like diamonds in those stage lights as you dance--that’s one upside of these fabrics, they’re designed to capture the lights and move with you as you perform your routines and lap dances. Until you want to take them off that is.

6. The Legend Men's Low Rise Thong in Black Silver Holo

Demonstrate your strength, flexibility, and amazingly sexy dance moves in this thong. Show off those ripped quads and glutes with this low-rise cut and enjoy this fabric that will hold your package comfortable all night long.

7. Saddle Scrunch Men's Low Rise Bikini in Yellow Holo

The scrunch on this one is sure to highlight your best assets! What’s the point of spending all of those hours in the gym, honing and sculpting your body, if the fabric of your dancewear doesn’t show off those amazing results? The women are sure to be hooting and hollering for you in this Yellow Holo low-rise, throwing all of those bachelorette party tips your way.

Final Thoughts: Why Vegas Needs High-Quality Exotic Dancewear

Vegas is a city that is sure to always be celebrating, no matter what day of the week it is, and being a performer in the Sin City means that you need exotic dance outfits that can keep up with you.

Remember Tia’s advice: you want high-quality dancewear that was made with you in mind that won’t break your budget! You should not have to settle for anything less, not with how hard you work every single day.

Whether you’re just visiting Vegas for a work trip or you’re settled here full-time, you deserve to feel like the amazing performer that you are, and you should treat yourself to an exotic dancewear outfit that makes you feel that way.

I think all dancers want outfits that can stay in place during all of our advanced routines, that will hold up for performance after performance, and that won’t break on us or break the bank. For all of these things and more, look no further than ShopMoola’s site. There’s so much more to choose from in whatever pattern you like!

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